Fire and Life Safety compliance within the cannabis industry are very important considerations when designing and operating your facilities. The wellbeing of your employees and customers should always be a top priority. Indoor cannabis production is … Read More

Mark your calendars! We are thrilled to be back in person at cannabis industry events and trade shows! We missed connecting with everyone face to face, and we are so grateful to be safely around each … Read More

For indoor crops to flourish, they require balance and consistency in the grow environment. Without consistency, plants suffer unnecessary stress which prevents them from reaching their full potential. Inconsistency in your grow can also be very … Read More

Hello everyone! I’m Brooks Hannock, CEO of enVgrow. As summer ends and the harvest season begins, I wanted to bring you enVgrow’s exciting news on our latest projects.  This summer enVgrow worked with an industrial extraction … Read More

To maintain compliance when using CO₂ enrichment in your cultivation, CO₂ sensors require semi-annual testing and calibration, as mandated by fire and life safety regulations. These calibrations ensure your sensors remain functioning and accurate, so your … Read More

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