Industrial and specialized hardware comes standard with all enVgrow systems. We are proud to offer a variety of products and services to help you reach your goals.


Flow Controller and Intelligent Gas Delivery

CO2 gas delivery systems are the cornerstone of our offerings and the enVgrow Intelligent CO2 enrichment system prevents exposure to high levels of CO2 in the growing environment. Our Specialized Flow Controller delivers a precise dosage of gas, exactly when and where your plants need it!

An enVgrow Intelligent CO2 Gas System (IGS) uses the highest standard of industrial sensors and components and is assembled by our engineers in Denver, Colorado. The system’s specialized programming and proportional gas delivery keep a watchful eye on the grow spaces and will automatically adjust to maintain the growers CO2 set-point.

enVgrow clients produce greater yields and reduce gas and energy costs through the automation process. With an IGS system installed, the risk of human error is eliminated, environmental impacts are reduced, and people visiting or working at the facility are safer.

Fire and Life Safety compliance is at the forefront of every system design. enVgrow includes a code review from national standards (NFPA, IFC) to local and state authorities that have jurisdiction (AHJ). By working with your local AHJs, we can guide the project from drawings to commissioning to ensure a smooth installation.

We understand building or upgrading an indoor facility has many key stakeholders who are part of the process. Our team at enVgrow regularly collaborates with lead growers, facility and operations managers, MEP engineers, architects, licensed electricians, HVAC contractors, and all AHJs to have the Intelligent CO2 Gas System certified and operational on schedule.

VPD – Vapor Pressure Deficit

What is VPD?
• AVP - Actual Vapor Pressure (Air)
• SVP - Saturation Vapor Pressure (Plant)


VPD Control
• Temperature
• Humidity


Resource Usage
• Water Use Efficiency
• Maximum Photosynthesis

Targeting CO2 Levels
• Stomatal Response
• More Robust Plants

  • Clone
  • Veg
  • Flower

CO2 Controls Made Simple.

Benefits of Custom Flow Controller

enVgrow builds custom flow controllers at the Denver headquarters, with UL-certified industrial-grade hardware. 

Our engineering department custom designs and manufactures your unique flow controller in Denver, CO, USA.

Proportional control of CO₂ is very precise, significantly more so than HVAC, and saves literal tons of gas.

enVgrow’s system requires less time to install and has low risk during installation.

Industrial safety valve included at the gas source to ensure overall safety in the event of a power failure, or leak at the tank. In the case of an emergency, other components are unlikely to be damaged due to our durable, CO₂ rated specialized tubing.

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